Climate-Smart Golf Certification

Golf's Pathway to Carbon Neutrality

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Everything you need for an end-to-end solution planning and implementing a world-class sustainability program you can be confident will help set your course as a leader in the burgeoning sustainability market along with the transparency and accountability the public now demands.

It's more than a commitment to's a commitment to transparency along the way.

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By embracing sustainability in the golf industry, we not only preserve the beauty and integrity of our natural resources, but also ensure the longevity and success of our sport for generations to come.

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Comprehensive Services

Baseline Carbon Audit

Determine your current Scope 1 & 2 Footprint to establish a benchmark for progress

Sustainability Strategy

We help you develop a basic sustainability strategy focused on emissions reduction

Staff Training & Education

Ensure all staff from facilities to grounds understands the sustainability goals & activities

Marketing Support

Online dashboards, digital badges, joint press release, membership listing & much more

Verification & Certification

Automate the data collection to support your sustainability claims, providing an online dashboard tracking your progress as well as annual reports on blockchain to create a permanent record of your efforts & certified status

Industry Leadership

The golf industry is often targeted for its use of water resources and contamination of the environment. Becoming a Certified Carbon Neutral Golf Course positions your facility as a leader in sustainability. Get ahead of government and industry regulations, as well as consumer pressure, by proactively leaning into the push for greater sustainability.

Enhanced Marketing

Becoming Carbon Neutral provides new avenues and opportunities to market and promote your facility as good stewards of the planet. It also doesn't need to be viewed as a cost center. New opportunities for revenue and the ability to differentiate yourself and attract community events could make your sustainability strategy a driver of additional revenue as well as more welcoming to a new demographic.

Member/Player Support

Showing your commitment to sustainability will resonate with your clientele as a forward thinking and active facility they are proud to support. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the course level are gaining traction with management and sponsors alike. It makes sense to have a solid plan in place to complement changes in the industry.

Affordable Solutions

A strong strategy for reaching carbon neutrality, gaining global certification and industry recognition doesn't have to break the bank. The Comprehensive Spiro Carbon Golf Package starts at just $8,500 per 18-hole facility with Annual Verification & Re-Certification at $1,500 per year. Request a custom proposal based the specific nature of your facility or facilities.

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Preserving the beauty and joy of golf for future generations requires a commitment to sustainability today.

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Testimonials and Reviews

The CO2 Open program has been a great way for our resort to quickly design and build a sustainability plan. We've already started getting positive feedback from our customers and our owners.


The best part is having an answer we can give with confidence when someone asks what we're doing to address sustainability and carbon neutrality. Backed by the CO2Open certification badge adds trust.

- Ben Worley

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The golf industry has a unique opportunity to take a global leadership role regarding carbon neutrality. The clear pathway the “Climate-Smart Golf Certification” solution delivers simplifies the entire process for facilities of any size.

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- Ted Simons

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